Minisante closes Kigali pharmacy with unqualified employee

The Ministry of Health (Minisanté) has closed RAVI Pharmacy Ltd located at Rwandex, a Kigali suburb, over defaulting health sector’s directives.

The facility was found employing an unauthorised employee and was immediately closed on Tuesday.

Speaking to IGIHE, Minister of Health, Dr. Diane Gashumba said that the ministry’s monitoring exercise revealed that RAVI Pharmacy was employing a non-authorised employee in drugs delivery.

“Our directives clearly state that only a pharmacist shall do the job. When our audit reveals that they employ a person who did not study pharmacy, they face sanctions,” she explained.

Dr Gashumba emphasised that owners of pharmacies are aware of the directives though some of them are still defaulting the regulations. She said that the watchdog body is set to be introduced to detect people who are defaulting the regulations.

She advises pharmacy owners to respect the sector and value lives of the population.

“My message to owners of pharmacies is to respect the profession and value the lives of Rwandans because drugs provider should be skilled in that field,” she noted.

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