Over 150 exams results withheld over malpractices

Rwanda Education Board (REB) has temporarily withheld results for 153 students who sat for 2017 national examinations over malpractices.

Among them, 51 students are from O’Level and 102 from primary school.

Speaking to IGIHE shortly after the results’ release on Tuesday, the Head of Examinations and Accreditation Department at REB, Dr. Michel Rwibasira Tusiime said that some students exhibited bad behaviours and resulted into temporary reservation of results for 153 students. He said results for two more students were completely withheld.

“Withholding results is temporal except those two students who entered examination rooms with cheating materials. Other cases are to be investigated and the results can be released based on the nature of each one’s case. There is no tolerance for these students who were caught with cheating materials,” said Rwibasira.

He said the students committed similar faults including the same answers to multiple choice questions, deletions and writing similar new answers while others unacceptably wrote their identifications on examination sheets.

He said that through different measures against malpractices, withheld results were reduced by 50% compared to the previous year.

While unveiling the results, the State Minister for Primary and Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Isaac Munyakazi said that some teachers are in prison over their bad behaviours in 2016 national examinations, adding that investigations are also underway about those involved in malpractices in 2017.

“We have some cases that are being investigated like where answers for students from the same examination room show that there was an irresponsible invigilator or allowed them to cheat. We cannot judge but institutions in charge are investigating the cases and all involved will face sanctions,” he explained.

According to REB, if students find that their results were reserved, they should go to the board to seek explanations. The students may provide necessary information which can help the board assess their cases and will probably release their results.

REB issued directives in 2017 stating that any teacher found involving in cheating cases shall be denied access to national examinations exercise and face legal sanctions.

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