He was a witch doctor who now owned his home in Kigali

This conference is called for evangelist evangelists and consolations, and it is comforting to them because God is the only one who can do what people think is impossible.

Some of the leaders of the "Jesus Whole Family" as BARAKAGIRA Pascal Vice-President, said that they should say Jesus did not even have to say many reasons to tell him about the wonderful works he performed in their lives.

MUSONERA JB is also one of the most evangelist evangelists who said that before accepting Jesus as king and his mediator, he was a sorcerer but now praises God for having made him king of the devil.

He added that after seeking his wife, UWAMURERA Stephanie, she missed a boyfriend in the village where she was looking for a kiss. At this time Musonera says that God has done good for him in his own home in Kigali, where he resides from the occult and follows Jesus.

on the second day of this episode led by MUKESHIMANA Edith (Mama Queen) with NATO Olivier NDOLIVA, Eric CYAMIKA, NIYONSABA Albert ’, GIRAMAHORO Claudine and two Chorus Chorale Awards on ADEPR Gatenga and Choir Gibione on ADEPR Murambi. Together with the evangelist, Dr. BYIRINGIRO Samuel.

In these words of God, Dr. Samuel told Christians that the vision of life can not come from strong families, many scholars, or so many that they think is healing but that one is repentant of his sins in the darkness when he receives the light of the Lord. He said : "The light is cool, it’s clear".

At the end of this passage of God’s Word, Dr. BYIRINGIRO Samuel urged the participants to come back and forget because their light came to the beauty of the Lord that they were so negligent that they had the purpose of the globe to get people out of darkness.

Not only is the word of God being poured out in this chapter for the benefit of many, it is also expected that afterwards there will be chapters for 30 vulnerable people and more than 100 people who have no clothes in the Word of God and in ordinary life.

Tanga igitekerezo kuri iyi nkuru