Global Gender Gap Report : Rwanda ranked first in Africa, 4th globally in closing gender gap

The 2017 Global Gender Gap Report has ranked Rwanda first in Africa and 4th globally in closing gender gap.

Under the report released on Thursday by World Economic Forum (WEF), Rwanda comes in first positions which are dominated by Western countries.

Meanwhile, Iceland tops the list, Norway is the 2nd, Finland 3rd, Rwanda 4th and the 5th is Sweden.

No country has been able to close gender gap completely in all sectors, but Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Rwanda, Nicaragua and Slovenia have been able to close them to above 80%.

The report was conducted to 144 countries and focused on four sectors, which are gender equality in economic development, education, health and politics.

“Rwanda continues its steady climb since first entering the Index and has now closed 82% of its overall gender gap, scoring narrowly behind Finland” reads the report.

The report says that Rwanda’s progress is mostly due to continued progress on its Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex score, on the back of improved parity in estimated earned income and, particularly, a significant narrowing of its gender gap in the number of women in ministerial positions.

“Combined with being the country with the highest share of female parliamentarians in the World (61%), it advances five spots on the political empowerment sub-index, where it is now ranked third globally” report reads in part.

The report says that Rwanda has also fully closed its health and Survival gender gap for the first time, although its Educational Attainment gender gap remains open.

As Rwanda ranked in the top 10 globally, in Sub-Saharan Africa, they remain gender gap of 32%.

The report says that the Sub-Sahara is characterized by high female labour force participation with nine countries from Sub-Saharan Africa in the global top 20 on this indicator.

Mozambique, Burundi, Malawi and Rwanda demonstrate a higher representation of women in the labour force than men which translates into a high regional average on the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex.

Report says that Rwanda consolidates its position as the region’s top performer and the only country from the region ranked in the global top ten.

Meanwhile in African countries, Namibia is the 13th, South Africa is 19th, Burundi 22nd, Mozambique 29th, Uganda 45th, Tanzania 68th and Kenya 76th on the global index.

The United States of America was ranked 49th, Russia 71, China 100 while the last on the list is Yemen.

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